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City of Montreal

Global Event Production & Set Design

Our Role

Our Role

  • Executive Producer
  • Production Design
  • Identity
  • Scenography
  • Creative Content
  • Video Mapping
  • Artists booking
The 375th anniversary of Montreal featured spectacular festivities that celebrated Montréal’s identity. These celebrations made our city shine far beyond our borders by showcasing its incredible dynamism and energy.

The Place des Arts’ Esplanade and the Place des Festivals have been transformed into an immersive tribute to Halloween legends. A complete Journey that we have imagine, create and produced.

From the first spark to the final grand explosion. Every detail has been designed to answer to each other. This is what happens we give us an open space to create.
3 days event : 20,000 attenders
Scenography Design Process.

We produce meaningful and cutting edge experiences that combine motion graphics, set design, and technology.