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Our Role

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Gridspace’s visuals stem from non-narrative structures bonded by dark sci-fi themes, enhancing the music experience by bringing the crowd into a parallel dimension, where their senses of reality are challenged, delivering singular and sophisticated VFX.

In visual design, Gridspace has worked with Moment Factory, Cirque du Soleil, and Stereo Nightclub (resident VJ) on projects that transcend the mainstream and push visual and technical limits. He embraces the spontaneity of live performance, conceiving images attuned to a diversity of producers over the past decade, from Tiësto and Dubfire to Richie Hawtin and Sasha, and festivals including Tomorrowland, Mutek, Piknic Electronik, Igloofest and 3LAU, on ULTRAVIOLET North American Tour, and Mayan Warrior.

Inspirations: Blade Runner, John Maeda, The Designers Republic, The Galaxy.
Gridspace creates panoramic landscapes that make the audience experience the unreal.

3lau - Ultraviolet

GRIDSPACE enhances the music experience by bringing the crowd into a parallel dimension where their senses of reality were challenged on 3LAU – ULTRAVIOLET North American Tour.

Tiësto - Tomorrowland

Musical Freedom as a Kinetic Rythme, for Tiësto, at TOMORROWLAND

Mayan Warrior

GRIDSPACE is proud to be part of Mayan Warrior's Roosters.

Mayan Warrior is a nonprofit organization that brings together artists, musicians, technologists, and creatives worldwide.


Gridspace tap into the sounds with original, mood-enhancing graphics in deceptively-simple tones of black and white, red and blue.

Broadcast Design Performance by GRIDSPACE