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Our Role

Our Role

  • Concept
  • Identity
  • Immersive Experience
  • Design system
  • Production
Wavv is an immersive space equipped with a cutting-edge multimedia system integrating light, sound, and video.

We created the ideal environment/system to recharge, recenter and connect with your inner self.
Body and mind care, enhanced by entertainment technology.
The moment you step in, you'll feel enveloped by a deep state of well being.
The full benefits of luminotherapy.


GRIDSPACE reinvents the experience of Yoga, by focusing on immersive technologies, to maximize the stimulation of senses.

This groundbreaking immersive yoga room is powered by our WAvv - mood modulator technology. Our integrated ecosystem combines light, video, and audio to create a perfectly balanced and seamless environment for yoga practice.

Blocked from daylight and noise, this space provides a cocoon from the outside world whilst stimulating your imagination and concentration.

Our installation unleashes its full power at the activation of the 100,000 lumens nominal, that are required to entirely benefit from luminotherapy. (in accordance with IRC)

We produce meaningful and cutting edge experiences that combine motion graphics, set design, and technology.